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I sat in our freezing basement. Goosebumps layered my body and I began to shake. A light lit up the dark room and I listened to the footsteps walking down the steep stairs. It was my mom. She was wearing a dress, her hair was curled and red lipstick painted her lips. "Ugh, it smells terrible down here!" She complained, walking down the stairs. Her heels and jewelry jingled as she tried to find the light switch. She 's never down here. She never wants to be down here, since she knows what happens in the basement. She finally found the light switch and turned it on. I squinted to adjust to the fulgent lights. "C 'mon, you need to get ready. Today is an important day." She ordered, running back upstairs. I used my feeble legs to get me on my feet. I wheezed in pain because of my wounded body from my last beating. My legs began to shake, requiring me to use my upper body strength to lift me up. I was finally able to get up and walk upstairs. The house was clean upstairs. The empty bottles of alcohol was thrown away. Sprinkles of fallen cocaine was vacuumed off the floors. And my blood magically disappeared from the stained carpet. I went to the bathroom and I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I 'm ugly. My hair laid on my face because of how greasy and dirty it was. My buck teeth decorated my inexistent smile. And the redness under my eyes added color to my dull skin. I took off my clothes. My body was covered in bruises and cuts, leaving permanent reminders of my

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