Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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A warm ray of light, shining past sheer white curtains, hit the face of a heavy-eyed Colonial man. Now awake, he swiftly exchanged his over-worn Bayan for his usual trousers and top coat before heading out to town. Grabbing a small loaf of bread, he walked past the wooden entrance to his home and started his path to work. As he scuffled his feet along the dirt road, a thought started creeping from the back of his mind. As the memory came to be clear, a sensation of panic consumed his body which led to his stomach dropping and a cold sweat rushing through his very core. Face flushed and clammy palms, he recalled his Colonial wife aggressively demanding meat for the table this week. “As the wife of a Banqueter, I expect to have a proper supper!” echoed through Colonial man’s head as his speed quickened to the nearest merchant. He hastily approached the stall and bought the freshest animal available. After paying, a sudden thought came to mind which led to him curiously asking the merchant “If I may ask, who supplies you?” and was received with the response of “The local farm down yonder of course!”. Although this story is fictional, it depicts a lifestyle familiar to America’s great forefathers, who had farmed animals and the occasional professional who rarely used his musket for the sake of scaring off an animal during a hunt or even worse, destroying the pelt. The question is, when did guns become part of our culture? Sure the placement of the 2nd amendment might have…
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