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A warm ray of light, shining past sheer white curtains, hit the face of a heavy-eyed Colonial man. Now awake, he swiftly exchanged his over-worn Bayan for his usual trousers and top coat before heading out to town. Grabbing a small loaf of bread, he walked past the wooden entrance to his home and started his path to work. As he scuffled his feet along the dirt road, a thought started creeping from the back of his mind. As the memory came to be clear, a sensation of panic consumed his body which led to his stomach dropping and a cold sweat rushing through his very core. Face flushed and clammy palms, he recalled his Colonial wife aggressively demanding meat for the table this week. “As the wife of a Banqueter, I expect to have a proper …show more content…

Even if guns were obtained, the intruder or enemy would have been bludgeoned to death before the gun could be properly loaded. According to an interview of Bellesiles, he argues that America’s extreme gun culture gained popularity during the 1930s, when a hunting subculture was created for and represented by the “elite” in popular gun enthusiast magazines. Which leads to the gun control dispute of modern day people, who are most likely sitting at home, typing their POV’s on a social media website for an amendment that seems more unnecessary now then it was during the forefathers lifetimes. While researching pros and cons for gun control, there seems to be a trend of 3 main topics consisting of criminals, self-defense, and safety.
The most popular purpose of gun ownership is to provide the average citizen an opportunity to fend off potentially dangerous criminals. The Libertarian Party stated, "A responsible, well-armed and trained citizenry is the best protection against domestic crime and the threat of foreign invasion." Which leads to the idea that Gun control laws would prevent citizens from protecting themselves. Furthermore, this same thought could supposedly be used in other situations such as mass shootings. Could an armed civilian, free of gun control, have the potential to stop a

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