Descriptive Essay: The Art Institute Of Chicago

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The Art Institute of Chicago that I had known months ago was completely different. The lions looked friendly, the trees looked, and the entrance was covered with plants. This was probably because they decorated the building for the holidays. The lions had giant wreaths around their head with a red bow and the trees had beautiful christmas lights wrapped around them, and the entrance had little wreaths on the doors. The only thing that looked terrifying was the long line to get in. Luckily, Mr. I-Am-So-Smart, to some he is also referred to as Dad, bought the tickets online while we were standing in the line! Smiling, we then walked past the hundreds of people standing in line and went straight through the doors and to the ticket scanners. Getting there was quite the excitement. If you have ever driven to chicago you might notice a small set of lanes next to you often called the express lane. The express lane opens and closes for the various side. We drove onto the expressway I believe the exact second the sign changed at the entrance and the bar went up. We cruised past all of the cars lined up in traffic while laughing amongst ourselves until we finally made it to The Art Institute of Chicago. From there on, it was all amazement and awe.
The exhibit I walked to, after turning the map rightside up, and …show more content…

My visit this quarter was breathtaking and educational. I learned the true meaning behind every painting, and learned the colors of the middle ages. While looking around the Arms and Armor exhibit I learned about their crazy and practical innovations and inventions, and the golden designs they had on their armor. I also confirmed some of my research I conducted for my Medieval Narrative. The Art Institute impacted the way I looked at a painting, not as art, but as a story, no matter how simple the painting is. My favorite part about my visit, was being able to spend time with my Dad in a creative

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