Descriptive Essay : The Beauty Of Beauty

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This tall, slender girl has smooth, silky arms with tiny goose bumps, her skin is cool like the air in fall, allowing her to be neither hot or cold. On her wrists, she has indentations from the numerous bracelets she wears daily. Her right hand has a fresh wound from her favorite sport, basketball. As you focus in on the skin that stretches over her hands, she has scars both old and new, both small and big. Her feet are crusty looking, yet feel smooth and cold. She has long delicate fingers allowing you feel the hard bones of her fingers under her smooth skin.
They call her Jada. Jada is just finishing consuming her feast which consists of fries and corn dogs. Her fingers taste like miniature corn dogs topped with ketchup and mustard. On the other hand, her delicate fingers have a taste of an ice-cold, refreshing drink that will be a best friend on a hot summer day. With a sprig or two of fresh mint leaf; the tangy, flavorful, and savory drink lingers from her fingers from her cup. Like walking in a open field and the flowers let off a slight hint of sweet, yet subtle, beauty Like the perfect combination of natural oils, soft sweet warmth (if that had a smell) Allison smells as good as crab legs and butter tastes! Silky smooth, and makes me salivate! Cannot get enough. Her smell makes me forget everything else. Lost. Floating. Content!the essence that she produces naturally.She always tends to smell enlightening.
Like safety. A continent away from everything else, an

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