Descriptive Essay : The New Life

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The New Life My brain might not have fully developed yet by the young age that I was age, but I do remember some things that they did to me. Some people even think that I am lying when I tell them my story. Sometimes I wish that it was a lie, but then I remember that what happened to me and my siblings makes us who we are. Me, Le’ Anna (now Zoey) and my Older sister, Savanna (now Kylie) and my younger brother, Ronald (now Brodie) got abused and then we got adopted. We accept that, now that we are all older to understand at least some of it. There is still just one more thing that I don 't understand, why could we not go back and at least visit them?
Living with our birth parents, the silence is scary to us. Everything is scary to
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We know that something awful is going to happen. They hardly ever come in here, and when they do terrible things happen to us that we wish we could forget. We were too small and young to do anything about it so we just have to take the never ending pain. When they come in I know that it won 't end well for me, and the others know it also. They are scared for me, I am scared for me.
Our parents, they hate me the most of all. I am the middle child, and I carry none of their genes, so I look much different than the others.I am much different than the others. They hurt and mistreat us all though.
Our parents walk quickly in the room toward us, and where we were lying down, and we hear our mother say in a raspy voice “It is almost time to leave.”
Our mother goes to my sister and brother as our father grabs hold of me in his strong calloused hands. I am scared as our mother takes my siblings out of the room and our father takes me out of the room. I had no idea of what they were going to do to us. I am hysterical like a dog realizing that he is going to the vet. I screech and scream as they hurriedly try to take us out of the room that we have known our entire lives. My vision becomes a blur and almost all sound becomes unable to be heard, but in the distance I numbly hear some kind of loud ringing. He tightens his grip on me, but I don 't feel it, I don’t feel anything anymore. I don’t see anything either and I hear
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