How to Achieve Compassionate Care with the Patient and the Caregiver in Terminally Ill Patients

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It was not until he was diagnosed with lung cancer that he would experience another role in healthcare, being a patient. The battle he was up against would not only be physical but also emotional. In the end, Mr. Schwartz lost his battle against lung cancer just under a year of being diagnosed. The one thing he repeatedly emphasized was the empathetic acts of kindness the caregivers bestowed upon him. Cancer to him was not just about physically beating the cancer, but for his well-being as a whole to stay intact throughout the process. He may have lost his battle with cancer but the care he was provided kept him hopeful and optimistic until his untimely passing. Compassionate care should be a staple for all healthcare providers. It can improve outcomes of health, increase the satisfaction of the patient, and aid in better adherence to recommendations from the caregivers. Patients should never feel they are being rushed, not important, or not receiving the best provision of care possible. Even when he tried to stay optimistic, fear and anxiety set in often in Mr. Schwartz’s mind. He experienced fear and anxiety related to impending death. Worries of missing out on his son growing up and not…
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