Personal Narrative: The Holocaust

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We were only given a few choices during the war. Every chance that we had to choose our fate, we had to be very careful. Evidently, the Nazis did not favor the Jewish people. We, the Jews, were animals to them. We walked and talked like human beings, but we were looked upon as if we were filthy animals. I didn’t know they thought of us like that. My mother and father shielded me from the outside world. They didn’t think I would understand. My parents were right. I would not understand. I was only eleven. Then they raided our house. I woke with a start. My eyes sprung open, but I could not see anything. It was pitch black. My eyes began to adjust and I heard very loud, unfamiliar voices. They were yelling at my parents. I don’t know exactly what they were saying, but we were in trouble. My mother started to cry, and there was…show more content…
Inside was very dark. There were about 70 people already inside. After my father got in, the door slammed shut. Darkness overcame all of us. All openings were sealed off, and we were only able to breathe from the tiny holes on the side of the cars. We were unable to sit, or there would not be enough room for everyone. So I stood with my father beside me. There was no food or water, but I wasn’t hungry or thirsty. Though, many people did have hunger and thirst. The only thing given to us was a bucket for human waste. There was a loud whistle, we started to move, and we never saw our home again.
Sometime, after a while, we came to a stop. We were in the railway car for about twenty-four hours. My legs were stiff from standing, but I wasn’t tired anymore. Luckily, I was able to fall asleep while standing. Daddy was right, I was able to rest. Others were not as fortunate as myself. My mother and siblings looked very tired. I looked to my mother, her face was overtaken by exhaustion, and her eyes were still red and puffy. I didn’t know my mother to be emotional, but right now that was all she
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