Descriptive Essay : The Wedding Day

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The Wedding Day When I first heard the crash I did not understand, until someone actually told me that my cousins just got into an accident. In that moment I did not put two and two together. Everyone else that heard the accident knew immediately what had happened, but I didn’t, I was only eleven years old…. It was five years ago, my parents got married. It was a gorgeous day , the sun was shining, birds chirping all around, and even the great sound of children laughing. That day was just a perfect day to have a wedding. After the wedding ceremony all the guests began to depart for the reception, except my immediate family. We gathered at my grandfather’s house, and everyone was in a fabulous mood. Especially me, I was in a pretty,…show more content…
My cousin and I were trying to ask an adult what was happening, but everyone was in a panic. Then someone informed us what had happened. My cousins Ethan and John were involved in a serious accident just thirty seconds away from where my whole family stood. My heart dropped to my stomach. I have never been so scared in my life. I never would have imagined today would end up like this. That god awful sound was my cousins getting hit by a reckless driver. A man was coming along Schroon river and came upon a stop sign, which he failed to come to a stop, or even yield. When the man went past the stop sign, my cousins were coming around the corner, where they meet this reckless driver. The man couldn 't stop in time, he ended t-boning my cousin 's car. This was the result… My cousin John was up and walking, he wasn 't breathing so well but he was walking. Later we found out John broke several ribs and even his hip. My other cousin Ethan was stuck in the car… The firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get his leg unstuck from the car door. Ethan’s right leg was pinned under the car door, which was smashed to be unrecognizable. The ambulance almost had to call a helicopter to airlift both of them to the hospital, but the EMs members got both of them stable, and transported them to the emergency room. After everything went down, and my cousins were transported to the hospital, we

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