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Jaidev S
The sun glared through the mosquito nets as I arose from the hotel bed. Immediately after, I opened the window and looked outside at the urban landscape of West Nairobi, Kenya. I noticed the stomping of a group of people scurrying to get water, the cacophonous voices in the Maasai marketplace, and the blaring horns of the numerous automobiles; the busy nature reminded me of my home in London. However, I longed to be back in New Jersey, the quiet and peaceful environment I had been exposed to just less than four years ago.
My father had dragged me out to Nairobi to learn how Kenya inspired some of his habits. He wanted me to embrace the culture of East Africa and enjoy the peacefulness of Kenya. But this what not what I expected it to be. It was noisy and humid, the opposite of what I expected the ‘peaceful’ Kenya to be like.
As I stepped outside, the 102 weather hit me like a ton of bricks. Of all the days, my parents had to pick that day to spend in the Maasai marketplace. I simply could not stand the several hours of continuous heat. However, I was distracted by the screams of the Maasai tribes who were selling traditional weapons, necklaces, and bracelets. It smelt of Ugali, a popular dish we used to make at home. As I walked into the market, I felt like an outcast. I did not speak Swahili, nor did I know certain customs in this part of the world.
Throughout the morning, I observed the primitive lifestyle that these people followed. It was easy to hear the

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