Rwanda Genocide Research Paper

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Language is the potent tool by which a community constructs and defines its sociopolitical agenda; it is the lens through which a people’s history and culture is viewed; a devise that is used both as a controlling as well as a rewarding tool. Largely, it aligns the beliefs of its subjects even as it defines their worldview. While many studies have been done to understand obsequiousness,
Unfortunately, the political elite in Africa and particularly Kenya have resorted to various dubious applications of language not only to defraud, loot, plunder and further their selfish agenda but also to mystify politics as well as stoke ethnical differences to brew animosity (the politics of them against us) among the citizenry. They have cannily created a volatile environment where communities and neighbors who have coexisted for centuries in peaceful neigbourliness by planting thorny seeds of distrust thereby killing the spirit of Ubuntu (human kindness) and Ujamaa/undugu (‘familyhood’); the Rwanda genocide notwithstanding.
This paper will seek to employ social identity theory to try and understand why the current generation of political leaders has largely succeeded in using political violence which goes against some of the age old African philosophical and Sociopsychological rubrics. The conclusion will reflect on various avenues by which political communication can be used to positively influence the attitude of the masses thereby restoring uthamaki.
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