Descriptive Football Essay

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“GOAL!”, he scored. I was at my friends house, my face buried in the red, leather couch. In front of me was a 65 inch Samsung television Me and my friend were playing FIFA on my XBOX and he was destroying me so far. It was only the second minute and he’s already scored. I was FC Barcelona and he was Real Madrid. I had the legendary forward and he had the legendary FIFA skills. I was mad and I really feld hurt after he scored. That was mostly because before we started the game we both agreed that the winner would get 15 dollars. He also had a disadvantage in one key area , fortunately. That was his formation. His formation was a 4-3-3 attack which was three forwards three midfielders, a left back, a right back, two center backs, and one goalie. I had a 4-3-3 holding which meant that I had a defensive midfield instead of just three plain old midfielders. Overall, this meant that. Madrid had the ball and it was Modric, one of their midfielders who was dribbling. I made Sergio Busquets ( defensive midfield) do a slide tackle. The ball ricocheted on Modric’s foot and went straight to Ousmane Dembele ( left forward ). Then came the mind blowing moves. He dribbled past the midfield and the forward. Then, he sombrero flicked Carvajal ( opposition’s right back), nutmegged Sergio Ramos ( opposition’s center back). Then he shot. The goalie jumped and punched the ball. The ball was over Dembele. What could he do. He decided to attempt a bicycle. The perfectly timed and monitored shot

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