Descriptive Research Essay

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Descriptive research benefits you when you believe some problems are impossible to solve. This requires observations because it's based on what you need to discover that interests you. The first step in solving a problem in descriptive language is the research objective. It is what you need to find out, or what question you would want to answer. Luis and Midori would have answer saying their research objective, was to find out how the sources of the cholera epidemic and E.coli epidemic were tracked. Also during a science investigation, data tables are often used for recording information. The data can be supported whether or not the prediction was supported and conclusions can be drawn to it. The second step for the descriptive research is describing the research design. In the textbook, it says "one important research design is safety.'' What it means when scientists eliminate bias which means avoid which ones help you with a good investigation. When a scientific problem is solved by observations which are important. Scientists use the materials that are available or up to date. Furthermore, with materials, you don't need the most expensive one all you need is your investigations to be successfully done. One part of an investigation plan is it might include scientific models. In science, models represent things that go too slowly or quickly. For example like Dr. John Snow's map of the cholera epidemic was a model that allowed him to predict possible sources to the

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