Descriptive Writing A Trip To The Beach

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Vitamin Sea The way I see things, life is different at the beach. Time doesn’t move hour to hour, but moment to moment. We live by the whipping currents, play by the ever-changing tides, and follow the direction of the yellow globe in the sky. In my experience, trips to the beach never fail to make my heart giddy and rid my life of any obstacles. At least temporarily. For me, looking out at the never-ending ocean is like looking through a special pair of glasses. I see the world with a different point of view. Everything seems peaceful and serene; nothing is too troubled and no one too anxious. A trip to the beach will completely overwhelm your senses. What do I get most anxious about when I go to the beach? Sprinting, tearing, racing to the ocean. Regarding nothing but the crystal blue, balmy, water and feeling pure contentment. But in my rush to get to the water, my care for the surrounding sights seem to slip my mind. I glance around, and at first sight one might see a few teenagers on summer break, in their Nemo colored swimsuits and shameless black sunglasses, gamboling around and bubbling with joy. You might see the few mothers daring enough to bring their giggling toddlers wearing bright bubblegum pink hats that match the shade of their sweet, sun burnt, little, cheeks. Look around a little more. Open your eyes a little wider. Skim the surface of the water topped with chalky white foam and teeming with meager little creatures of the sea whose shells spiral around
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