Descriptive Writing : The Importance Of Academic Writing

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Academic writing is a vital skill needed to complete university essays and assessments. This is because, academic writing is easily understood as there is no informal language used. Therefore, academic writing is more concise and readable. This is important because academic writing is written to inform the reader.
There are numerous academic writing styles such as, analytical writing, descriptive writing and evaluation writing. Analytical writing can be used in university assignments to analyse specific information and to compare the information. Therefore, this would be useful for comparing numerical data or different theories.
Descriptive writing in university is useful for documenting and summarising from different sources of information. This then gives a short and quick understanding of the piece of information being described. This type of writing style can assist the writer to explain theories, and the similarities between different data collection. In addition, descriptive writing can give information in order of which it is obtained. Therefore, this gives the reader a broader understanding of the information being conveyed. In addition, evaluation writing is a useful writing style for assignments. This is because this writing style assists the writer to compare different information by evaluating similarities and differences. Therefore, this style would be useful when evaluating statistical data and different research findings.

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