Desensitization Of American Youth Essay

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Television has increasingly become the quintessential epicenter of communication, since its invention, in 1927. At any moment in time 2.5 billion people are viewing some form of television broadcast (Ballard). Modern society has introduced various categories of television. These variations range from educational to violent. This broad spectrum makes it hard to generalize the effects it has had on American youth; however, television seems to have increased moral and intellectual degradation. Through violent shows and monotonous news broadcasts, American youths have become desensitized to the poverties, and hardships of the world. This desensitization has had several, and moreover negative, moral impacts on the youths of America. Nevertheless, …show more content…

Each day children are exposed to violent television programs, whether through the news, or through entertainment. Each time a child casually watches a violent program they are further disposed to the concept that that violence is simply a part of a just and moral code. Such values insinuate that following one’s passion over reason holds moral ground. Each day on the news youth watch broadcastings, detailing global hardships, and poverties that different regions are facing. An overload of negative news makes these hardships seem like they simply coincide with everyday life, which compromises true good. This desensitization creates a bystander effect, in which people believe that other people will reach out and help; therefore, they do not need to. Currently millions of war refugees are fleeing Syria to prevent being killed. European countries are shutting their borders to these people, forcing them to be slaughtered, with no means of survival. Every news outlet has covered this story, yet no one has reached out to help. This issue has taken a back seat, because people have deemed these acts to be part of the injustices of life. Mother Teresa of Calcutta lived by the concept that each person has the right to not suffer, regardless of situation. This ideal is believed to be the most basic of moral principles, and is growing faint in the midst of

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