Desicions Without Grandpa

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As another Team Meeting broke up, Steven plodded back to his desk where his projections for the quarter ahead were waiting to be completed. He gazed out the hermetically sealed windows which overlooked the sprawling city, his eyes searching for green spaces.
He sighed. He had thought transferring to the City from the village would be more exciting and challenging but it had not lived up to his expectations and he was frustrated at the endless meetings and emphasis on figures and targets. He was also missing his friends and family as he tried to settle into a new life. City people rushed everywhere and appeared busy and always having somewhere to go. He felt invisible.
He could never imagine walking along any street in his home village and not speaking to a single person. Older folks knew him either as John and Nettie’s son or Peter’s grandson. Others knew him from school or shared activities. Almost everyone who passed by his Grandpa’s workshop, popped their head in the ever- open door to call out a greeting.
He pictured his Grandpa’s workshop in the ivy-clad stone building attached to the family home. He could see the dust motes dancing in the sunlight streaming through the open door; Grandpa sitting in the chair he made for himself or standing at his workbench, his tools all hanging in their proper places on the wall behind; his stock of wood stored on open shelves out of reach of the sunlight. There was always the dry hot smell of wood shavings and occasionally the

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