Design An Auv At Record The Lives Of Deep Sea Organisms

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To: Professor Martin, WTSN 104, Section 57 From: Ryan O’Connell Date: February 7, 2015 Re: Research Paper #1 Problem Statement: Design an AUV to record the lives of deep-sea organisms. Introduction: AUV’s are improving and technologically advancing to allow scientists and deep-sea researchers to explore the vast unknown of the underwater world. AUV’s are automated underwater vehicles that can explore bodies of water without the influence of an external control source. Although AUV’s have made much progression in the engineering world our research shows that they still need improving. The engineering element is not the only aspect that goes into making AUV’s, but also comes with a variety of other factors including the region in which…show more content…
The large-scale system of currents that carry large bodies of water globally throughout the world is a major factor that has to be considered when the construction of an AUV is in effect. This enormous system of currents is known as the “global conveyor belt”. Not only is the global conveyor belt a huge importance to bear in mind, but also in which part of the global conveyor belt will the AUV be exploring. The global conveyor belt is greatly affected by the thermocline layer of the ocean. The thermocline layer of the ocean is between the deep-water layer of the ocean and the mixed-water layer, which lies at the top of the sea near the surface. Based on which layer of the ocean the water is in can induce many different properties such as temperature and density and can influence different components of the global conveyor belt. Although the thermocline layer of the ocean is a huge influence on the way the global conveyor belt flows, there are many other factors that contribute to the natural movement of the large-scale currents (University of Illinois, 2010, n.p.). This widespread system of currents starts its cycle all the way up in the North Atlantic near the North Pole. In the beginning of its cycle the water begins on the surface of the ocean and is low in temperature due to the freezing conditions in the Northern
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