Design Of An Automated Security Registration Plate ( Asrp ) For Sea Going Motorized Crafts

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Design of an Automated Security Registration Plate (ASRP) for Sea Going Motorized Crafts Sajan Ambadiyil Optical Image Processing & Security Products Centre for Development of Imaging Technology Thiruvanthapuram-695027, Kerala, India
Soumya Jose
Communication Engineering Department
SCMS School of Engineering and Technology
Ernakulam, Kerala, India V.P.Mahadevan Pillai
Department of Optoelectronics, University of Kerala
Kariavattom, Thiruvanthapuram-69558, Kerala, India Abstract— Unauthorized and uncertified small sea going fishing crafts are being used for criminal activities in the coastal areas. Using this uncertified crafts illegal benefit provided by the government also is availed by the crooked persons. RFID is a forthcoming technology which provides promising opportunities for the implementation of new services in vessel monitoring and secure authentication. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an inclusive wireless system which transmits unique identity code using radio waves. This technology is mainly used to identify objects attached with tags and it consists of a reader, tag and wireless channel. The reader and the tag both have a microchip and an antenna is there to perform handshaking mechanism when they both communicate. A tamper evident Automated Security Registration plate (ASRP) using RFID tag is designed here to provide secure…
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