Design Of Design Communication And Rhetoric Essay

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Whether it is the Blog post by Utile Design, “Design Communication and Rhetoric,” or the Educational paper titled “An Argument for Argument in Architectural Education,” both stress an utmost concern for the lack of education in relation to certain skills that are invaluable in the design field in Architecture Schools in the United States. These skills include, but are not limited to, well-rounded critical thinking, written and oral, and interpersonal communication skills in relation to both design thinking and design process. “Design Communication and Rhetoric” dwells into detail of why such skills are important, but fails to provide any solution except for a concise census. However, in “An Argument for Argument in Architectural Education” the authors state the issue and concern, but also state a solution in which schools can adapt to meet a new agenda. In the Blog post, the writer analyzes how the methods in which an individual communicates constantly evolves over the course of the design process. There are five specific target audiences for how one writes, speaks, and visual conveys an idea in an architectural setting. First is the self, the originator, designer, and author of the idea, which contains little to nothing in relation to persuasion, because an idea is only written then as being a solution to a design problem. Next comes those that are collaborated with, the mode staying the same (using sketching and writing) with an introduction of an additional layer of

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