Design Philosophy Of John Portman, A Famous Hotel Design

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John Portman, a famous hotel designer composed on the significance of design philosophy by saying that ,
"A design philosophy is the rudder for the boat, it makes possible a continuing course in a meaningful direction." In other words, for a building to meet the needs of all the people, the architect must look for some common grounds and experiences.
Portman, (January 1979, p.133)
To conclusively accomplish the particular targets of this project, the guiding principles and directing standards must be followed in plan . This philosophy is one that has to touch the basics of the hotel considering the qualities of its area and the characteristics of its environment.
The philosophy here stresses the approach of expansive
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He utilized cast in-situ and precast cement concrete to create distinctive structures, curves, and so forth.
Ar. Hafeez Contractor has steady excitement to make structures that represent functional and aesthetic qualities. He has formed and changed Urban Built Landscape of the nation through his provocative unusual progressive notions in executing extensive variety of architectural projects.
Charles Correa, is widely known for his works in contemporary design ,played a vital and essential part in the improvement of Architecture in India after autonomy. His standards of designing include prevailing resources, energy and climatic aspects to create and determine order of space.
Zaha Mohammad Hadid's architectural works, one could see a huge assortment of forms and notions to a degree that some uncertainty in the likelihood of ordering them inside specific classifications. Zaha Hadid is one of this current period's notable architect who have contributed in conceiving the architectural form and space from new, innovative and futuristic
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