Designers and Manufacturers Should Rethink and Redesign their Materials

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This is a book by two researchers who are trying to find ways to build and make things that are friendlier to the environment. Their approach is very different from the usual ecological approach, which, as put by McDonough and Braungart, is to "be less bad." The regular approach has normally been to just reduce the amount of toxins in a product, or trying to collect and recycle goods, or adding expensive and bulky fixes to already existing systems. But not in this book; the authors’ idea is that designers and manufacturers should instead try to rethink and redesign the materials that they make with their end uses in mind. By using nontoxic materials that can also easily break down into quality materials, this creates byproducts that can be reused to manufacture quality items. The authors also recommend the planning of buildings and industrial complexes to use the environment that surrounds them for things like heating, cooling, and design. One of the strengths of the book is that the suggestions here are not just hypothetical situations. In fact, the book itself is made of a certain kind of polymer plastic and is also printed with nontoxic inks that can be easily washed off, which makes the material made available to produce another book. The authors have also worked on much bigger projects, such as the redesigning of the Ford facility in Michigan, based on these kinds of principles. The book is not only positive but also specific on how to design and manufacture things for

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