Designing A Bridal Shower For Your Best Friend Or You

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Whether you are hosting a bridal shower for your best friend or you are planning one for a co-worker, you likely want the event to go well. There are several things you will want to take into consideration either before you start planning or in the early stages of planning a bridal shower.


Establishing a budget for a bridal shower is important. If you are the only one hosting the bridal shower, the budget might be pretty low. Including at least one or two friends can allow for a slightly higher budget.

One good thing about a bridal shower budget is that you really do not need to spend a lot of money on the shower. Typically, decorations can be pretty minimal. You can get a few party favors for those who win games or if you want to give gifts to everyone who came to the shower. You may need to purchase some supplies for the games, but that usually costs less than ten or twenty dollars. You can buy or even make invitations for a few dollars. Then you just need to buy food. Generally, a few finger food options and some sort of drink is adequate. Plus, you can even use paper plates and paper cups.

Date and Location

Unless you are planning the bridal shower as a surprise, it is important to consult the bride-to-be early on to see what days work best for her. Although some people choose to have bridal showers several months in advance, a month or two before the actual wedding is typical.

Many bridal showers take place at the hostess’ home, but they can take place at

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