Designing A Fdm Based Rapid Prototype Ie

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Objective The purpose of this work is to design a FDM based Rapid Prototype ie. 3D Printer which will corrects the errors found on other FDM printers and which provides high resolution and print size. To make the design cost effective FDM based printer is considered as cost of making it and cost of raw materials is very less. Resolution and material usage customization is great in FDM. Hot end temperature need to be adjusted when different material types are used. When required it is possible to mix different materials with different properties to produce a single printed object. By end of this paper one is able to fabricate a 3D printer with low cost. Abstract 3D printers are devices that can create a three-dimensional object from a…show more content…
Surely, the potential of 3D printing (3DP) has captured the popular imagination. From jet engine parts to made-to-fit jewelry, the technology is hailed as revolution in how products are manufactured. According to estimates, the global 3DP printer market is poised to hit $6 billion by 2017 from $2.2 billion in 2012, with global shipments of printers costing less than $100,000 expected to reach about 98,000 in 2014, roughly twice as many as in 2013. Introduction 3D printer is capable of doing complex and difficult tasks in one long step. A 3D model of the object to be made with a defined set of parameters and scaling ratios is given as input in STL file (design model in CAD), which can then be converted into G-codes. This data is then used for controlling the motors and extruding plastic based on the g-code generated. This automated approach towards fabricating contrasts with the traditional way of manufacturing, where an object is formed by removing excess material or folding and shaping materials
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