Designing A Web Design Plan Essay

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Prototype As I mentioned previously in this document, prototypes are an important part of any web design plan. I also know that responsive design is important to any company’s website especially when it comes to the site being a successful and quality product. As you can see in the screenshot of a desktop version of the customer comment section, the key elements of the site are clearly visible. Desktop views usually do not have hidden elements as shown in this prototype. The map image and input textboxes were very responsive to the size of the screen and everything can be easily accessed. The next prototype I wanted to present to you is the responsive elements on the tablet which is attached below. As you can see on the screen shot, everything transferred over except for the map image. The reason the map image is hidden is so that the customer comment section is easier for the customer to use. Even though the map image did not respond to the tablets screen size, the comment section is usable. If the image had responded and transferred to the tablets screen size, the input textboxes would be too small for the customer to use. The last prototype I wanted to present to you is the mobile view of your sites customer comment page which is attached directly below. I am sure that you immediately noticed that the same thing happened to the mobile screen as it did on the tablet screen the only difference between the two is the scroll bar did not transfer as well as the map

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