Designing Business Description For A Hypothetical Manufacturing Company Named Precision

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Business Description Introduction The intent of this paper is to develop business description for a hypothetical manufacturing company named Precision Plus Manufacturing. The business description will include the type of business, vision and mission statements, the structure and form of management, and the how the company will be ran. Type of Business Precision Plus Manufacturing (PPM) is a start-up manufacturing company that will specialize in high precision, low volume, prototype and production components for larger manufacturing customers. This business will specialize in traditional and additive manufacturing for metal fuel systems components and high precision surgical applications. Traditional manufacturing consists of lathes, mills, grinders, hones, edm machines, and more. Additive manufacturing primarily consists of metal 3D printing machines. PPM will manufacture parts of steel provided by the customer, or out steel that comes from our suppliers. This will provide our customers an option of reducing their costs by providing their own steel. The facility will be located in central Illinois, close to the Bloomington area. This area is central to several potential large customers and has access to a few major interstate highways (I-55, I-39, and I-74) for ease of transportation. This location also has a large amount of potential employees that are highly educated. The Bloomington-Normal area has two universities and a junior college. Mission Precision Plus

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