Designing The Unadventurous Gaming Process

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The project entitles “BrainARC” is a Game Application that can be played by any person. This Game Application will be catchy for all the age groups above seven years. Objective of this application is to automate the unadventurous gaming process. It helps in finding solutions to the manual unadventurous gaming process. The application analyses the problem of dealing with the great deal of manual work. It will be handling the situations related to human brain and to ease up the user’s mental and physical stress.
The main aim of the project is to increasing the efficiency of the management process of the brain and to better maintain various skills of the player and to articulate. It involves transforming the already existed manually operated conventional gaming to the electronic application, so that it can be accessed easily. Manual and conventional gaming devices must be preserved and conserved for longer use and then must be cultivate properly to have the visibility as that of the new one, as after a prolong period its gets diminished, and may not provide same thrill though maintained for future requirement. But whenever it comes to the electronic giddy, it provides us with an enhanced quality of graphics and controls that ecstasies the participant every time it gets into it.
This Game Application will assist the concerned participants in maintaining their records and searching proper matching of their difficulty levels only at mouse click. Manually find out

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