Essay on Should Tablets Replace the Use of Textbooks in Schools?

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Draft 1 Assignment 5
Tablets are becoming a big hit in the industry nowadays. A tablet pc is a device that is like a hand held computer. Tablets have a touch screen function or a pen-enabled interface. Tablet application also entertains the users like playing games, photography, video taking, music and many more. Because the tablet has many functions, it would be a great help in school and at work. This device will act as a substitute to the required needs of a student in school. Tables application that are related to the school subject that is being teach, ebooks or electronic books can replace the heavy books and make distribution of assignments and handouts more faster. As I read in Weber’s book “In Cheap We Trust”, in her eighth
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The application can also help the user to organize his or her files and make folders to make organizing more comfortable to a user. Another example is Ibook to view the e-books that have been given or downloaded. Applications from drawing and e-book reading can help the environment by reducing the use of paper with causes the cutting down of trees. Using applications like these for school help the user to organize their files. According to a survey “The Tablet PC group had a stronger belief that technologies tools help improve the quality of their work.” (Neal & Davidson, 2009). Because of the change of technology, the quality of the project that a person can do increases due to performance of the use that make them handle it better.
Video games and applications are becoming a big thing in the world now. There are many games that can help a person enhance their minds exercise their brain in a way that cannot be taught. There are many PC and mobile application that can support a person in their needs. An example is an application that could help a person is The Microsoft Office program. This program has many functions that are divided into different application like Microsoft Word that can help you create a text document the would be readable for those who have sloppy hand writings. Another is Microsoft Excel, this application can create a table document for
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