Desiree's Baby Symbolism

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Armand a wealthy man perceived as white, having countless slaves however harsh. He fell in infatuated with Desiree, who he had known since he was eight. When he was just riding through town and like a pistol shot he fell in love. At the beginning, Armand was respected by the readers when he fell in love with a girl with no origins. However, by the end of the story he became disliked by the readers. After telling Desiree to depart with their son when he assumed they were part black. Afterwards, finding out that it was not Desiree but him the whole time. Sympathetic is not a word associated with Armand much. When Armand believed that Desiree was part black, he would avert his eyes. He became crueler to his slaves than ever before. Desiree had…show more content…
Starting with how Kate Chopin described Armand being a wealthy white man to the setting of the story being before the American Civil War. A time when white men had authority over slaves and women didn’t have rights. When Kate Chopin first wrote “Desiree’s Baby” the first title of the story was “The Father of Desiree’s Baby.” This would have given Armand more power in the eyes of the readers by grabbing their attention, focus on Armand however it would have explained the ending when the story concluded with Armand and the letter. Armand is one of the most believable characters out of the three stories we have read. Kate Chopin made him believable for the setting of the story, but also for the present time. When Armand found a characteristic about his son he disliked Armand became disgusted by him. Back in the 1860s most white men saw blacks as animals, not people, treating them as tools. So when he believed Desiree and their son were part black he wanted nothing to do with them. It is also believed in the present because even today people judge people on looks. Also, people are always quicker accusing another than blaming themselves like when Armand accused Desiree for being black when it was
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