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Things You Need To Know Before Buying A New Computer

Buying a new computer is a difficult task, filled with jargon and lots of competitors trying to get you to part with your hard-earned money. It can be extremely tricky to know what kind of computer to get, and which computer will best serve your needs, especially with new tablets and netbooks hitting the market every day.

The most important question you will need to ask yourself is: what do I need or want a computer for? What tasks do I want to be able to accomplish? It can be very easy to get seduced by offers of higher performance and state of the art graphics, but if you never use the computer to its full potential, then that is simply money wasted. Conversely, if you wanted to use a computer for gaming or creative
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Designed to be a static unit, desktops are usually much heavier and larger than laptops or netbooks. However, this allows for them to be comparatively faster and more powerful than a similarly priced laptop. If you need or want power on a budget and do not need to work on the move regularly, a desktop is a great choice. The extra power possible also makes desktops a good choice for gamers and media creators, too. The design of most desktops also makes it possible to upgrade units with more memory, higher powered graphics and sound, and more processing power, if you know what you are doing. This also means that many hardware malfunctions - if you are unlucky enough to experience any - can be fixed simply for the price of the part and labour.

The largest disadvantage of desktops is the lack of portability. Many people need the ability to take their work with them, and this can be a severe limitation. Unlike a laptop, you may have to buy a monitor for a desktop separately, and they can be more difficult to set up. In smaller homes or if you need to travel frequently, dedicating a space to a large computer might also be an issue, as is moving
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