Desmond Doss 's Military Career

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Desmond Doss began his military career as a private in the United States Army. He entered one of the bloodiest battles in history, especially in World War II. This battle was called “Hacksaw Ridge”. The battles name came from the fact that soldiers that were being cut down by the rapid fire of machine guns and at this battle is where Desmond Doss had willingly put his own life in the midst of danger to save 75 comrades by himself. But before all of this. Desmond Doss grew up in a five-person family including himself. Growing up, the Doss family was “raised in Seventh-day Adventist church” (Doss 92), they were religious people and went to church every Saturday. This had a big impact on Desmond’s life. However, Desmond had not always been a…show more content…
The two however were inseparable best of friends. One time a news article interviewed Harold about if Desmond “always have a desire to help others, even before joining the military?” (New York Times), Harold replied without hesitation, “Yes. He was always helpful to people, and he was not one that would give up. He didn 't know how” (New York Times). From the point of view of his brother Desmond was always a care giver, and ready to spring into action whenever needed. Another view point we see from Desmonds youth is his sister. Audrey Doss, was Desmonds younger sister, she too was given the same question as Harold, and she told New York times interview that “[Desmond] was always there when anyone was sick. “It was announced on the radio, we didn 't have TVs in those days, it was announced there was an accident on Route 29 and they needed some blood right away to save this woman 's life. He walked three miles to that hospital and walked three more miles back home after he gave blood. Two days later, a call came back over the radio, they need more blood. There he goes again, walks the three miles, then walks three miles back” (New York Times). Desmond went through whatever just to help someone he did not even know. Desmond from a young age had the heart of a giver. Desmond grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist, which had a profound impact on his military career. Desmonds “religious

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