Destrehan Scandal

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When vision, mission, or values contradict strategy negative consequences could include the loss of reputation, the loss of consumers, the loss of profits, and the loss of the business itself. Reputation is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general” (n.d., Companies whose strategies go against their values could lose the consumers respect and loyalty. Loss of loyalty and respect could cause consumers to reject the business’s products or services and to turn to the competitors, therefore, causing the loss of consumers and profits. Consequently, the loss of customers and profits could lead to bankrupting the company. …show more content…

The coaches of the Destrehan high school football team “accessed South Lafourche’s, s rival high school, “user name and access to Hudl and spent some 12 hours viewing footage.” (Ogul, David, 10/31/2013, When the coaches accessed Hudl, they looked at Lafourche’s playbooks giving them an advantage over the opposing team. Fox News reported the “the coaches admitted to accessing the playbook” (10-31-2013, The St. Charles Parish Public Schools, which includes Destrehan, mission statement “is to provide high quality educational opportunities to enable its students to become responsible, productive citizens and enthusiastic life-long learners” (St. Charles Public Schools, n.d., The football team, being a part of the school, is responsible for upholding the schools mission, vision, and values. Being responsible productive citizens does not include cheating. Therefore, the coaches’ strategy to win the football game did not align with the school’s mission. Their actions caused damage to the school’s reputation and they were not good role models for their

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