Detecting And Protecting Against Inside Threats

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Felipe Affonso Kaustubh M. Phaltankar April 18, 2016 Detecting and protecting against inside threats Introduction Each day our world and our lives depend more on information systems, systems that can guarantee that our informations are secure and available just for our own purpose. Lots of companies work just if critical information which is stored on their databases. It is the responsibility of these companies to guarantee with their costumers that this data is secure. Lots of those companies are concerned about their databases and try to improve their security however. According to last year 's Internet Security Report from Symantec, almost no company, whether large or small, is immune to cyber attacks. Five of every six large companies (2500+ employees) were targeted with spear-phishing attacks in 2014, a 40 percent increase over the previous year[1]. Normally, companies are aware of theses attacks and are trying to invest more and more in security. It’s important to point out that attacks are not just from the outside; breaches and even data leakage can be accomplished by inside employees. So, it’s really important to protect against inside and outside attacks. High-tech businesses rely primarily on two opposing information values: the dissemination of information for innovation success and the protection of information to retain competitive advantage[2]. These companies know that just physical security isn’t enough anymore, it’s necessary to implement different
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