Detecting Facial Cues and Body Language

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Expressions are very valuable, as they can prompt us regarding opportunities and threats in individuals and scenarios that we encounter. Happiness indicates an approachable person while anger signifies someone to stay away from. These two decisions are the most basic and simplest behavioral decisions.
But sometimes, this decision does go wrong, since humans are after all humans. And along with the mistake, some circumstances are riskier than others. Such as going up to a vicious person might be an inherently costly mistake than avoiding a person who is actually safe to approach ( Haselton & Buss, 2000).
A highly adapted system of perception might be more attuned to locating cues that would signify danger, such as the facial intensity in locating hints of anger, in individuals who seem to possess the capability in dealing out more harm as distinguished by their built, carrying armaments and other details. Some might not even present any immediate risk, but overlooking an identifying cue that could indicate the stranger being harmful is a costly mistake due to bodily harm being a possibility than when seeing such cues where there are none.
Approach, on the other hand, is a tricky matter. And as such, people afford opportunities that are positive. Failing in getting into contact with a person who presents a favorable opportunity, whether it is related to providing social support or willing to share resources, may be costly as well but not overly damaging. And as such, a tuned

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