Essay on Deterioration in Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationship, known as LDR is model of a romantic relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by significant distance. I have been experiencing this kind of relationship since 10 months ago and still going. As an international student studying abroad, my boyfriend and I separated within thousand miles between Indonesia and Australia. Although the time different is not far different and communication device is not a problem, deterioration still appears in our relationship. Habits and dating style changed create insecure feelings that raise negative perception of relationship. Fighting and grumpy feelings most likely occur when we are having a bad mood while ego controls the logic. These …show more content…

Believe and faith within each other slowly fades away and changed with ego.

Along with our relationship deterioration, I begin to think about our future. We have been in relationship for 3 years and this long distance relationship interrupt our romance. We used to be a fun, joyful, understanding and cool couple. Although, I feel that there is no sign that he would wait for me or ask me to marry me. Everything is just plain. I do not have any excitement anymore to continue this relationship because we have no goals. This LDR actually stressed me and I do not want to waste my time to person who not even has thought about our future. Future and certainty are clearly important in this LDR relationship. Every serious couple would go through anything to reach their future goals. And actually LDR is not really a hard matters regarding to bright future. People who have future of their relationship would have happily gone through any kind of relationship because they already know that their pain would worth for the future.

# Commitment

In long distance relationship, commitment is required to built a success relationship. Commitment made relationship grow stronger and also built faith and believe in each other. Without a strong commitment, LDR would be easy to get deteriorated, in fact that in ordinary relationship (without any distance apart) the absence of commitment would break up the relationship. My relationship was built in

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