Determining The Gender Of A Person

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When a child is born, the parent places an imaginary label on the child that defines them as either male or female, not really anything in between. The parents determine the gender of the child based in their anatomy and disregard everything else that can happen during their child’s life that can be a negative experience for them. Gender is not something that can be easily identified by someone since there are a number of different factors that are taken into place in the determination of one’s gender. Gender is defined as the state of being either male or female, but it doesn 't say how the person 's gender is determined or by who. I believe that although there are many factors that can identify one 's gender, it is ultimately what an individual personally identifies themselves as and not what others identify them as. A person can identify themselves as a man or woman, or whatever gender they wish that they feel comfortable as. Some of the factors that I believe can determine the gender of a person are partly chromosomes and most importantly personal choice. I do not believe that physical appearance determines the gender of an individual because of many factors. Chromosomes are one way in which an individual can somewhat determine gender. The way in which gender can be determined by chromosomes happens before the baby is born and is often chosen by the doctor who tells the parents their baby’s gender. Before birth, one can identify if the baby is going to be a girl or a
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