Determining Who Boy # 1 's Biological Parents Are With The Use Of Dna Fingerprinting

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Title: In Search of My Father
Name: Anja Arbeithuber
Group: Erin P, Brianna S, Caitlin B and Tiarne N
Date: 09/09/14
Aim: The aim of this experiment was to determine who boy #1’s biological parents are, with the use of DNA fingerprinting.
Hypothesis: If DNA samples are collected from different mother and fathers, then it can be determined which DNA samples have common genes fragments.
Deoxyribonucleic acid, or in its’ simple form DNA, contains the code for all characteristics of an organism which is completed by a double helix structure. The structure is made up of a back bone and the four gene groups which include thymine, adenine, cytosine and guanine. The double helix structure contributes to the cell division process
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DNA samples can be extracted from hair, blood and skin. Siblings have different DNA fingerprints because everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes and for each pair one is one of your mother’s chromosomes and the other is your father’s chromosomes. Other than identical twins no other people have exactly the same DNA. DNA fingerprinting is used every day to determine whose parents or siblings are whose, it is used in crime scenes to determine who was at the scene, can be used to determine where a certain inherited gene is inherited from and it can be used to identify a body that is deceased. During electrophoresis an electric current passes through the agarose gel, therefore moving the DNA samples through the gel. The smaller the DNA fragment the faster it moves through the gel. The finished product will look like a series of bands, some will match up and some won’t. The different bands in electrophoresis represent different gene fragments.

Found at: Equipment:
• Micro pipet
• 6x Micro pipet tips
• Beaker
• Agarose gel
• Gel electrophoresis mould
• 6x DNA samples (pre- prepared)
• Gel electrophoresis chamber
• Transformer (150v)
• 750ml buffer solution
• Micro sample stand

Diagram 1:

• No water close to the transformer and electrical cords.
• Power is turned off when plugging
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