Detroit The American Dream

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Detroit was once the center of it all. The motor city people called it. The industrial city of the world, Detroit, was a bright eyed city. This city is where the legendary music record label originated, Motown Records. In the 60’s as stated in the video, “people were thriving...but Motown was booming”. The automotive industry’s assembly-line helped African-Americans reach middle class economically which is an aspect of the “American Dream”. Around the mid eighties, the Japanese constructed automotive plants in the southern parts of the USA. First, Detroit began to decline economically when a few of the largest vehicle companies started to suffer financially. In 2005 layoffs from automotive industry reached 70-80,000 people. As stated …show more content…

The largest automotive company in the world was General Motors, until they went bankrupt, laying off thousands of workers . From being the motor city/industrial city of America to being the murder capital and now one of the most bankrupt with city in America is astonishing.Recently in the news I have seen the Detroit is still struggling from issues that resulted from these large automotive companies in Detroit. Detroit has suffered greatly as one of the real estate investors in the video explains, he buys and sells houses. He stated, "this house 5 to 6 years ago would've been worth $160,000 but now I just sold it for $56,000. The cost of houses has depreciated in the city. . What was surprising to me is that there is a car that runs on water vapors but this car won't be available to the commercial public until a years to come . Additionally, when it becomes available to the public it will be highly expensive. In the video, a man stated that if there is no positive increase in revenue from these “greener cars” then they will halt on the project . Automotive companies want a positive revenue increase when they're selling their greener cars. If you're buying green car that runs on water vapor it means that you won't purchase gas which means gas industry would decrease which means the automotive companies would decrease in revenue which is a negative cycle that these companies won't adopt . A once bright eyed, industrial city to a bankrupt wasteland is mind boggling. In the end, the people of Detroit still have hope that they may one day grasped the idea of an American

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