Developing A Human Resource Development Strategy

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Once the research has been completed and the decision to expand is made, one of the first aspects of making a global move is to develop a Human Resource development strategy. There are many differences when making a localized development strategy opposed to an international strategy. When making this outline in regards to the United States, an HR specialist should make policies and strategies to find the right for a position, come up with a strategically way to offer benefits and compensation and all in all keep their employees happy. This is easy to accomplish in America since we are familiar with our cultures and costumes. To execute a plan internationally, for example China, there are many other factors that must be looked upon. To…show more content…
Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the issue of staffing. Staffing is one of the most crucial aspects of successfully running a business. Hiring the right employee can make or break a business. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, HR professionals recognize staffing as the top critical function in their role. Staffing involves many faucets. In international terms, HR needs to follow country and regional regulations during the hiring process. But staffing includes not only finding the right fight for the position, but also ensuring the proper training is completed and also the longevity of the new hire. In today’s economy in the United States, HR specialists often do not have a shortage of talent. Businesses are receiving qualified applicants and their challenge is to find the right fit. In China the problem with staffing is the exact opposite. Surprisingly, China’s staffing issue with 1.3 billion people is their lack of qualified candidates. With 30 of 90% of the world’s top businesses having a headquarters in China, this poses a challenge for HR specialists. The demand outnumbers the supply. The problem is epically relevant in upper management positions. In 2006 a Manpower Talent Shortage Survey reveled China as the country most in need for managers and executives. According to an article published in Peoria Magazine, entitled “Staffing
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