Developing A Human Resource Development Strategy

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Once the research has been completed and the decision to expand is made, one of the first aspects of making a global move is to develop a Human Resource development strategy. There are many differences when making a localized development strategy opposed to an international strategy. When making this outline in regards to the United States, an HR specialist should make policies and strategies to find the right for a position, come up with a strategically way to offer benefits and compensation and all in all keep their employees happy. This is easy to accomplish in America since we are familiar with our cultures and costumes. To execute a plan internationally, for example China, there are many other factors that must be looked upon. To globally make such a plan customs and traditions much like the ones discussed in this paper need to be understood and evaluated. Chinese have a different business dynamic that we do in America and these needs to be taken into consideration when devising strategies for compensation and seventies as well as day-to-day functions. For example, in America we are a very competitive culture. We base our raises, promotions, and bonuses on performance. When an American receives a reward for exceptional work performance it is to be celebrated. In China, the same event would cause much duress. The Chinese are a people that believe in seniority and respect. To make a centralized HR plan, in my opinion would be a mistake. As a HR specialist you are facing…
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