Developing A Successful Classroom Inclusive Environment Is The Quality Of Teaching

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Another factor that incorporates in having a successful classroom inclusive environment is the quality of teaching. Alton-Lee (2003) argues that quality teaching has been identified as an important practice of positive outcomes for diverse students. Forlin (2012) discusses, but with more details than in Alton-Lee (2003) saying that quality teaching for students with diverse abilities has got various characteristics. For example, it has to focus on student’s achievement, to make clear links between the curriculum and the student’s culture, and to respond the learning processes. Foreman (2014) adds that quality teaching is also related to providing a feedback that helps with the students’ self-regulation and scaffolds their learning. Moreover, it is acting like a bridge of interactive communication between the students and their teacher. The Australian Curriculum “makes it clear to teachers what has to be taught and to students what they should learn and what achievements are expected of them… Classroom teachers are the people who decide how best to organize learning for students. They will make decisions about their pedagogical approach that will give the best learning outcomes.” (National Curriculum board, 2009, p.8). In addition, teacher’s learning resources (including ICT) are opening new learning opportunities to diverse abilities that enrich the quality of teaching. The rapid increase in available technologies (both assistive and instructive) has provided teachers with
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