Developing Causeway Bay Into A Tourist Attraction Spot

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The government, in the lights of the trend of international trades, prioritized development in certain suburban area, developing Causeway Bay into a tourist attraction spot that contain multiple fancy shopping malls and tourists sites, setting it apart from neighbor suburban areas like Wan Chai which is considered to be a more underdeveloped location with large elderly and poor populations. Under the government 's policy, Causeway Bay developed in a way that makes it more compatible in the global market and attracts foreign companies with high traffic of consumption. Resulting in the rapid and dramatic rise of rent in the shopping areas, Causeway Bay was ranked as the world 's most expensive for the second year in a row, after overtaking New York 's Fifth Avenue in 2012 (Straus, 2013). Local businesses cannot sustain and operates in such fashion and were forced to close down, which delivered a heavy blow to the local businesses ' development. Local citizens can 't advance on the social ladder with their own establishments, rather, their income can 't pay off the expenses. But the cost of it wasn 't only urbanization, it also answers to the vast and immense growth of interactions with the Chinese. Chinese corporate invests in different lands and businesses, changing the culture and pattern of consumption. The products produced in the market were targeted to catch Chinese consumers ' attention, like the production of gold iPhone and communication application "WeChat" being

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