Developing Cultural Humidity: Chapter 10 Analysis

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Chapter 10 of Developing Cultural Humidity was an inspiring story of two individuals and their thoughts on privilege, humanity, and liberation. The first portion of the chapter was by Jason J. Platt and his journey on recognizing his privilege and how to take accountability for it rather than feeling guilty. One thing that stood out to me about Jason was his take on how to grow professionally and personally. He believes that the only way to grow is to recognize our own biases and privilege and what part we play in the oppression of others. He states “my own belief is that revealing your humanity and flaws is the only real path to personal and professional growth” (Platt, 2014, pg. 205). Jason had me questioning my own privileges and my own cultural identity and how that will help me be more open and compassionate towards others complex identities. If I had a chance to speak with Jason I would first thank him for taking the time to recognize his privilege and being mindful on how that affects others. I would than ask him what it was…show more content…
One of the main things I learned is that it is possible to enable and contribute to inequalities without even being aware that you’re doing so. One thing that I can do to increase my ability to demonstrate cultural humility as a social worker is began to do some background information and research to understand where I come from. Understanding where I come from will explain why I have the values and beliefs that I do. Once I do this I can then began to change my view on things if they are not appropriate or ethical. This can also begin to help me see how important it is to reevaluate your own actions and privileges before pointing the finger to another group of individuals. The main point that I took from this assignment is realizing how crucial self-awareness is, not only for others but especially for oneself. I feel that doing these things should be a must for all social
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