Developing Technology And Collaborative Learning

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Information and communication have changed rapidly during the past decades, both hardware, software and networking. Many communication devices are smaller and easier to use and are more convenient. For example, smart phones, PDAs, portable computers, iPad, and tablets are important tools for study so having them smaller and easier to use is of great value.
Educational policies in Thailand have packed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the curriculum. Therefore, the current tools used in teaching need to be portable devices. Teachers and students use portable devices for sharing information, preparing reports, presentations, and communications to promote learning together. Students interact in group activities together. However, if students are unable to interact easily with others, it affects their education. If the instructor integrates technology with collaborative learning, I believe it is the best way to teach the students. In this study, the researcher develops the model of collaborative learning to enhance undergraduate students’ education. The borderless classroom utilizes both technology and collaborative learning.
Research Questions
1. Study the borderless classroom: a modern collaborative learning model to enhance higher education students’ critical thinking skills.
2. Study the students’ satisfaction towards borderless classroom: a modern collaborative learning model.
Many institutions offer collaborative learning

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