Developing The Questions For A Two Hour Session Essay

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Part Three: Developing the Questions for a Two Hour Session Before the session kicks off officially, it would be better if the participants got to know each other. This would provide that group cohesion required for harmony in the course of the interview. Members of the research panel have a tea break in mind to bring together the participants. Before seating down to have a tell-all session, they must be well acquainted with each other. As is the norm, focus groups do not aim at arriving at consensus. The motive is to draw varying opinions and views from participating members. Therefore, the bonding session will enable the members to feel at ease airing opinions that are contrary to other participating members. The following are…show more content…
On the other hand, providing cash or reward enticement is a strict no since it could attract participants that do not have marketing, communication, or social media at heart. It is the intention of the panel to provide linkages between participants and professionals for future engagements and even job referrals. After identifying the potential members, focus will shift towards enticing them towards the research. One of the best ways to engage with this group would be to have online interviews and sessions with the members (Kellmereit, 2015). But this will not seem or appear to be professional. It is the hope of the research to bring out the best picture for the consumers of research data. For this reason, the research will rely on face to face sessions. Perhaps the participants can even go ahead to develop bonds for an interactive session. The research needs not include yes or no kind of question. It will require extracting more out of the participants. The research has settled upon seven members for the focus group. In total, there will be eight members including the moderator. The moderator has to be someone with experience to direct the discussions towards the desired goal and charismatic enough to connect with each of the members. In regards to the members, the research will rely on gender equality implying
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