Development, Milestones, & Exit Plan Long Term Goals

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Development, Milestones, & Exit Plan
Long Term Goals Omni plans to ensure that one third of our developmental music projects gain a minimum of one “hit” song on the Billboard industry music charts. Omni plans to make sure that we provide our consultation team with the available resource to achieve a professional finished project. While Create a highly organized, productive and efficient organization and developing standard operating procedures for the responsibilities each position. Omni plans to have a minimum of .02% of the industry market share within the first three years. The maximum full time employees will be eight within the first two years. The part time employees will be around four people after the first year. However,
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Oddly enough, we are sure this will work, as this is the direction of the smart upcoming artist. This allows Omni to build sales in the field of many varying music genre within our Omni Records client artist’s roster. Like many of Omni's competitors, we have formed the traditional record label into a music marketing company, which will subcontract the majority of music creation services. From merchandise, concert and venues to artist management. Defining each level of the process from Red, Yellow, and Green where Red is the first tier of production, Yellow is the second tier Green falls into the category of distribution ready. Omni Records Marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion. These well-defined strategies offer each artist quality affordable content. Using "records, TV and radio shows as different products of the same trademark. With this new strategy for achieving these goals, records are only one of many ways of offering essentially the consumer variations to the same content (" Risks This could be a crucial for the future Omni Records brand regarding digital music, although CD's will remain the single most important revenue source in the consumer business mid-term. Therefore, the question will be whether Omni Records will be patient enough to

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