Polyphonic Hmi: Mixing Math and Music Essay

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Subject: Polyphonic HMI: Mixing Math and Music

This is to recommend that Hit Song Science should market its product and services to record labels attempting to catch a larger share of the market.
Polyphonic HMI is preparing to launch Hit Song Science, which analyzes the mathematical characteristics of music compared to past music hits, making it possible to determine a song’s hit potential. Music characteristics can be analyzed by math such as melody, tempo, pitch, rhythm, etc. because hit songs have common mathematical properties. Polyphonic’s Hit Song Science could be valuable for three target markets: record labels, producers, and unsigned artists. There are benefits to marketing HSS to all
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The advisory board and top managers are highly educated in physics, mathematics, and music.
When they all work together they come up with knowledgeable business ideas.
Establishing the target market is the focus of the case. There are different avenues they can venture down. The key is to figure out which will be generate sales more quickly and prove to be the most beneficial to the company. Polyphonic’s options are to market to the record labels, producers, or the unsigned artists.

Collaborators: Polyphonic’s first idea was to market their technology of the HSS to retailers. The retailers would have stations in their stores so that people can rate songs. The problem was that they could not find a software company to work with.
There are no other forms of technology that predict the successfulness of songs in the music industry. The current method used is producer’s gut feelings.
The music industry is rapidly changing. New hits and duds are released everyday. If record companies can better predict the successes of songs, they could save a lot of money from releasing songs that will not be charted.
Defining Problem / Decision Area

Polyphonic has several decisions to make before getting this project off the ground. The first decision that has to be made is who to target Hit Song Science toward.
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