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  • The Body Position Of The Resident

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    safely. The option for liquids was water and fluids that were as thick as honey. These thick fluids were good for elderly’s who were at risk for choking on thin fluids, like water. The body position of the resident was also very important when they had difficulty swallowing. For instance, a resident by the name of Ms. Good had dysphagia or difficulty swallowing and was bed ridden. Strategies I used with feeding her for safety purposes were as followed: I positioned her in a 60-90 degree upright position

  • Resident Advisor Responsibilities

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    and major responsibilities for a successful Resident Advisor are availability, communication, and awareness. Availability, being there when your residents need it, is important because it presents you as someone that they can rely on and who will always be there when they need it. Communication, creating an environment where both myself and the residents are comfortable sharing questions and concerns, is important because the only way to assist a resident is to know what’s going on and without communication

  • Resident Assistants

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    hold and to perform well, and still have a social life. As a RA you are called on to do a mutilate of tasks that need to be done in a certain amount of time, while at the same time you are still a student, and still hold college experience. As an Resident Assistant you hold many responsibilities, and held accountable for so many other people during the time you are shaping your own education. By far being an RA, a student, a person who can make bad decision at times and a sociable being is one of

  • Resident Assistant Motivation

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    What is your motivation for applying for the Resident Assistant position with Housing and Dining Services? Coming to KSU as an incoming freshman, and starting potentially one of the biggest steps of my life was nerve wracking. However, after being here for two months I can easily call this place my second home. I currently live on the eighth floor of Moore Hall with some of the greatest people on earth. In the short amount of time that we’ve been together, my hall has thrived and molded into, not

  • Application Of A Resident Assistant Essay

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    In February of 2016, I applied and was selected to be a Resident Assistant in Newman Towers here at Loyola for the 2016-17 academic year by the Office of Student Life. The Student Life office can be seen as a meso-level social unit in that it is a medium scale department within the greater Loyola community that consists of a status system, which is a set of statuses. These statuses, which are positions in a social unit, are achieved, since they were attained out of one’s own action, and formal, since

  • Personal Statement : Becoming A Resident Assistant

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    new people. As a resident assistant, I really hope that I can further my networking and communication skills. I hope to form bonds with residents and members of the resident assistant team. I also hope to really gain a lot from working as a team, and working with everyone as a whole. 2. Why do you want to be a Resident Assistant? What skills do you possess that would make you a good candidate for the position? * I would like to be a Resident Assistant so that I can help the residents. I know that my

  • Survey Of Residents And Cnas

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    Task 2: Surveys to Residents and CNAs After collecting the surveys I distributed, I found very vital data. I surveyed all competent residents and all employed CNAs. The surveys asked questions based on the quality of care provided and the stress levels from this issue. Many of the residents commented that they would like CNAs to stop in and visit. Some of the CNAs said they could complete all the tasks if a third CNA was on duty. I created the survey through SurveyMonkey and handed them out personally

  • Resident Advisor Application Response Responses

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    Resident Advisor Application Responses 1. Why do you feel you would be a good fit for your preferred population? Through my experiences at SAU thus far, I feel that I would be able to best serve the upperclassmen population as an RA. I have been a member of the St. Ambrose Student Government Association for the past two years, serving as Freshmen Class President and Sophomore Class President. My time on SGA has provided me with many opportunities to serve the entire student body, Freshmen through

  • My Interview with Our Resident Advisor Essay examples

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    charismatic, and open-minded had been my top three picks, and I remember role-model making the list. But I feel one word we should have paid more attention to was empower. An RA will be the leader of their floor, but should also be someone their residents can call a friend and depend on for support. I am lucky enough to have a relationship like this with my current RA. If I need advice on a matter or am in a pinch, I can trust my RA will be there and have my back. I hope to be someone’s support system

  • Why Nurses Are An Advocate For Residents And The Advocacy Comes With Great Responsibility

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    nurses and residents to embrace the aspects of person-centred care rather than focusing on the tasks particularly in a gerontological care setting. I also believe that nurses have a significant role in fighting for resident’s rights and advocacy. This paper highlights factors that are beneficial in the provision of person-centred care in aged care facilities. Also, the author wants to discuss how significant the nurses are as an advocate for residents and to identify ways in promoting resident advocacy