Graduation Speech : Changing Demographics

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Background: Changing Demographics In 2016, department leaders will be challenged with our nation’s changing demographics, a dramatic change from the beginning of the twenty first century. The average college student was a recent high school graduate, white, middle class, male or female, satisfactory grades and understanding, and straight (the stereo typical all American). College enrollment was steady; students were graduating and entering college on a consistent level. A report was released in 2013 from the National Center for Education Statistics (2013) stating that overall enrollment will decrease until 2021 for traditional white students, but African-American students enrollment will increase by 25% and Hispanic students will increase by 42%. In the 2013-2014 school year, Asian/Pacific Islander students had the highest graduation rate of 89%. White American came closely behind with 87%, then Hispanic at 76%. African American and American Indian graduated between 70% and 73%. In addition to the minority students, the Complete College America (2012) reports that 50% of two year colleges have remedial students enrolled and almost 20% in four year institutions. According to the National Health Insurance Scheme (2013), 1.6% of the American culture identifies themselves as homosexual, 0.7% bisexual, 1.1% identified as other. Faculty and staff will need to be supported with training on the various needs of the changing culture of the students. Students who were the

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