Deviance And Crime Essay

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I find deviance and crime to be interesting in particular, because it concerns individuals acting in a strange way that people don’t accept, and breaking the law. I have always enjoyed digging into strange and scary matters on the internet, and have tried to learn as to why it happens. The types of feelings that I get when I hear deviance, and crime are some of curiosity. I have so many questions about it, so it makes me want to keep going back to the subject. I believe I feel this way about the topic, since I have gone to so many places, have had experiences, and even have researched surrounding the matter at hand. It really makes me wonder as to why people do the things they do. Not to mention, that before I also myself was deviant …show more content…

I thought that I needed to change the way I look, act, and become someone people would stay away from. At one point, I perceived some types of crime acceptable when I saw people smoking outside. I have never done any drugs in my life, but I never particularly thought of it as a bad thing, since some of my friends did do them. I thought it was was better to encourage them, since it was considered cool. The music I listened to consisted of heavy metal, Deathcore, Gothcore, basically music that has hateful and disrespectful. The lyrics most of the time were just yelled, and said it in a aggressive tone. I used to consider getting piercings everywhere, and I wanted to dye my hair purple so badly. I would cover up my eyebrows, and draw them because I loved being the image of being goth. During my goth days, and I was getting popular on there due to the contact that I had with other goths on the social media. My parents had taught me moral and values, but those deteriorated during my rebellious years. I was called the black sheep of the family due to my deviant behavior. My mom is a religious catholic, so when I announced that I was atheist, she looked extremely disappointed in me. Now I have toned down in all those aspects, but deviant behavior still sparks an interest in me although from another angle. The music I listen to has changed dramatically, it went from rock to Kpop. I love being in the kpop fandom honestly, almost everyone is really nice to you. But,

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