Deviance Examples

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Reading Reflection Number One: The Good, the Bad, and the Change of Deviance "GO TO JAIL: Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200."- Community chest, Monopoly. Unlike board games, deviance in life is extremely complex. It is not as simple as picking up of an unwanted card, and is certainly not as of straightforward as spending three turns in jail. Instead, in society today, deviance is portrayed over many different situations, and it arises for many contrasting reasons based on society's opinions and views. However, over time society’s thoughts and assessments change leading to a transformation of deviant behavior. First and foremost, there are many devenant actions that over time go through a moral passage. A moral passage is defined as a change of society’s viewing on a deviant behavior. Simply, a once seemed deviant act becomes socially acceptable. This change can come about for many different reasons usually ending with the majority of people coming to an agreement that the act is not worth the demming of deviance. The most common examples of this is the change of the law of achole. However, there are many other examples of acts deemed socially acceptable with in time. Most recently, being a homosexual has become in the social norm as well as even within legal rights. There are many examples of deviant behaviors becoming less deviant and even considered within the social norm. Further, there are many social norms that over time seem to turn backwards
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