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| | SAM Projects 2010 | | | | | | Tobiloba Owolabi, IL Word Case UD_IC1A | | | Submission #3 | | | Score is 79 out of 100 | | | | |  | 1. Verify that your name appears in the footer of the document. | |  | 2. Change the page orientation to Landscape, and change all four margins to 0.6". | |  | 3. Format the document in three columns of equal width. | |  | 4. Insert a next page section break before the heading "Catering Services". | |  | 5. On page 1, insert column breaks before the headings "Sample Tuscan Banquet Menu" and "Sample Indian Banquet Menu". | –5 |  | 6. Change the column spacing in section 1 (which is the first page) to 0.4", add lines between the columns on the first page,…show more content…
Tuscan Style Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb Lamb marinated in garlic, olive oil, herbs, and spices, and then charcoal grilled. Roast Quail Stuffed Roasted quail, stuffed with wild rice, pate de foie gras, mushrooms, herbs, and brandy, and served with grappa and white wine sauce. Grilled Vegetables Red new potatoes, onions, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, and squash. Green Salad Coffee, Tea, or Chai Sample Indian Banquet Menu Appetizers Shrimp Fritters with tomato relish Cheese Platter and Fresh Breads Samosas with tamarind sauce Entrée – Mixed Grill Indian Lamb & Beef Kebab, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, and Smoked Salmon Fillet Traditional Indian marinades of fresh spices, mint, and yogurt are used to marinade the lamb, beef, and chicken. The salmon is marinated and then lightly smoked with apple wood. Saffron Rice Decorated with sautéed peaches, almonds, and pistachios. Tomato, Mint, and Coconut Chutneys Cucumber Yogurt Raita Poori Deep fried whole wheat puffy bread Green Salad Coffee, Tea, or Indian Chai Catering Services Sample Banquet Menus and Buffet Pricing Food: $40 per

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